‘The King of Pop and I’ book by Aileen Medalla, the Filipino Homeschool Teacher of Michael Jacksons Kids Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson

For 15 years, Aileen Medalla has lived a quiet life as a mother and entrepreneur in Cebu, Philippines. Her name may be unfamiliar to many, but 15 years ago Aileen Medalla has had an extraordinary experience with the privilege of working for the most recognized name in all of music history: Michael Jackson.

In her new and upcoming book ‘ The King of Pop and I ‘, Aileen Medalla finally shares her story after 15 long years. Her humbling story started as a Filipino OFW in Bahrain, the Middle East. …

Healthcare, Economy, Social life, will never be the same.

Everyone, in one way or another, has been affected by COVID-19.

Investing, Healthcare, Economy, Social life, will never be the same.

They say a big crisis like this is a rearrangement of order, where old giants fall and new giants rise.

Because of the pandemic, a good majority have probably lost their old incomes, and have replaced it with new incomes. Before all this mess, my business is in manufacturing (printing), events, and travel-all of which are considered ‘non-essential’ by the mandate.

As the two-week lockdown has turned into a four-month…

How to talk about George Floyd and Racism in the Philippine Context

As an Asian woman, I have. Many times.

The first time, I remembered my reaction. I froze in my place. It’s like an electric shock. It comes out of nowhere.

You couldn’t quite recover from your day anymore. It’s not that easy to forget. You go back home, sneak into your bed, and in a fetal position, repeat the event over and over again.

It takes a while to get over, and you don’t really talk about it.

It’s humiliating and dehumanizing.

But somehow, you can’t forget the incidents. I can still remember the instances I felt racism and xenophobia…

The framework for finding the ideal life partner.

Choosing the Ideal Life Partner

In my previous post, love is the worst investment -but only if you’re with the wrong partner.

When you marry someone, you are deciding on a business partner, sexual partner, parenting partner, and life partner in one. Together, both of you will be partners in managing your careers, home life, and social life. Because of the great power your partner yields over your life, you need to choose very well.

But just like all bits of advice, this is easier said than done. Everyone has a different set of values, life mission, and vision. Different people have different sets of…

Modern dating has become an inexhaustible spectrum: casually dating, “just hanging out,” laissez-faire, FWBs, cuddle buddies, hotline bling, one-sided relationships, on-again, off-again, zip code affairs.

One of my lockdown activities included binge-watching the classic Friends sitcom.

Rewatching the TV’s most well-loved TV series in 2020 was a wave of nostalgia. It was the first American TV show I have watched, and it’s still friggin’ hilarious. I am impressed by the timelessness of Friends.

Sure, there were a few scenes and storylines where you can feel the age of the series.

I mused at how F.R.I.E.N.D.S. would be so different if it was produced in the 2000s. The cast, who are all white and good-looking, would be more diverse.

Joey would be on Tinder all the…

[Editor’s note: Detours from home is a Rappler column where readers can share about the new things they have learned while in quarantine. This is a story about a new couple who had to be creative to make their long-distance relationship work.]

Did you know that COVID-19 is not only taking lives but it’s killing relationships as well?

It’s all over the news and Twitter feeds — divorce rates are spiking, people are breaking up, married couples are on each other’s throats being indoors and together 24/7. Young couples are apart and not allowed to see each other.

It’s especially…

After COVID 19, Frugal Living will be the norm for most of us

My Story: I was excessive, too.

Story time!

I’m a millennial. You know, that infamous cohort born between 1981 and 1996.

Just like any millennial raised in consumerist culture, I was excessive too.

I was born in the nineties, a teenager in the 2000s, I grew up looking at MTV Cribs; admired the likes of Gossip Girl and read Confessions of a Shopaholic. I admired these lavish, neurotic protagonists I consumed in pop culture.

As a girl living in a third world girl, it was the dream to live in Consumerist capital of the world, America.

In my early 20s, I became one of the youngest…

Sans travel, I have retreated to Netflix to get their dose of external stimuli.

It’s pretty useless to be a travel writer right now. The closest thing to travel goals we have is to the grocery store.

Sans travel, I have retreated to Netflix to get their dose of external stimuli.

Streaming services have a wealth of international movies in their library; and give you a very clear glimpse of the culture of countries, and maybe you can even learn a few words too-I’ve learned ‘tranquilo!’ from Money Heist and ‘itadakimasu’ from Terrace House.

Movies and TV Shows to Binge during No Travel Season

East Asia

Right now we can’t go to the Shibuya crossing, visit the Hachiko statue, nor eat ramen and sushi. …

I recall the simpler times when everyone’s hoarding toilet paper during the start of the lockdown. That was March of 2020.

By May 2020, buying trends have changed drastically and it seems like everyone’s hoarding flour now. Day 40 of lockdown and people are now seeking comfort in baking focaccia and banana bread.

Also by day 40, I am pleased to report the significant drop in workout videos in my stories feed.

I could not stand quarantine overachievers. I couldn’t stand people who are being productive during this time: doing daily pushups, enrolling online classes, doing meditation or taking up…

My teacher Radel used to tell us that the mark of a good writer is to write about a topic that is dull and mundane (like gardening or collecting stamps), and still magically weave it to be compelling and meaningful to the reader.

So today, I’ve decided that I’m going to write about being bored.

Not that I have much of a choice. These days, we’ve been living life like an Edward Hopper painting: self-isolating, but oddly comforting, and introspective. Collectively it is decided to go into solitude and so we attempt to seek comfort in it. The days seemed…

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